How to Redo Your Kitchen During Back-to-School Season With Little Disruption

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For most Americans, last year’s school year was anything but normal. This year, it seems like a return to normalcy is on the horizon. While this news bodes well for kids and parents alike, it also signals a return to the hustle and bustle of car and bus rides, school supply and clothing shopping, quick and easy meals, and more. Trying to fit in a kitchen renovation project in the middle of this chaos is bound to be an uphill battle. If you’ve been putting off this project for some time now, however, you might have no choice but to make it all work somehow. Here’s how to approach re-doing your kitchen during the back-to-school season with as little disruption as possible.

How to Redo Your Kitchen

Preparation Is Key

As with everything in life, a little preparation can go a long way toward reducing stress and streamlining processes -- kitchen improvements are no exceptions. The more details you can lock in before you get started, the smoother things will go. For starters, you’ll want to determine which kinds of renovations you wish to make, such as cabinet painting/repair/replacement, wall painting, flooring, changes in appliances, hardware, and lighting, etc. Once you’ve determined the broader scope of your project, work out smaller details like which exact interior paint colors you want to introduce. From there, search for suitable local contractors, comparing prices, levels of experience, range of service offerings, reputation, and more. Receive as many free estimates as you can and start working out a schedule for your project.

Taking the time to iron out all of these details early on will eliminate surprises and allow you to manage expectations when everything else seems out of control. There are bound to be interruptions here and there, but proper preparation will act as a strong foundation that lets you stay the course regardless.

Get It Done During the School Day

Speaking of scheduling, the typical back-to-school season does offer a major advantage for kitchen renovations -- namely that your kids won’t be around the house for about 8 hours each and every weekday (holidays, sick days, and cancellations notwithstanding). This consistent block of time will allow residential interior painting pros to work without major distractions. If the contractor is trustworthy, you might not mind leaving the premises while they work, either. On the other hand, you might prefer to stick around (or have no choice if you work from home). Either way, the absence of kids will help reduce disruptions during the day. As such, you might purposefully schedule your services to take advantage of a quieter home.

Go Piece by Piece

Kitchen renovations come in all shapes and sizes -- some involve a single task that only takes a day or two to complete, while others are complete overhauls that span weeks on end. If your project leans toward the latter category, the best approach is a piecemeal one. Rather than attempt to stack projects to save time, it’s often more practical to tackle one aspect at a time. You might, for instance, start by having your floors re-done before moving onto carpentry, then kitchen cabinet painting and then interior painting more broadly. Not only does this broken up approach ensure that each project gets the time and attention it deserves -- it also helps you keep disruptions to a minimum. The whole ordeal will span a longer stretch of time, of course, but you and your family will still be able to access portions of your kitchen when necessary, which is preferable to keeping your entire kitchen off-limits for several days/weeks.

Back-to-school season is already here -- don’t let the hustle and bustle get in the way of your kitchen renovation project. With careful preparation, strategic scheduling, and a piecemeal approach, you can get your kitchen re-done while your kids return to the classroom. At Anderson Painting, we know how to work around tight schedules and meet key deadlines. To learn more about us and our services, call us today at 919-610-1855 or email us at

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