How to Keep a Paint Job Looking Newer Longer

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A fresh coat of paint can make a home look brand new, both inside and out. Over time, however, this paint job is bound to fade. Before you know it, it might be time to apply a brand new coat all over again. More than just an inconvenience, constantly having to repaint an interior or exterior can become costly. To avoid this cost, homeowners must do their best to maintain their homes’ existing coats of paint. Let’s examine some of the ways you can keep a paint job looking newer for longer.

Clean and Dust Interiors

For the most part, interior paint jobs are easier to keep looking fresh. Unlike a home’s exterior, the inside isn’t exposed to the elements. Still, some effort is required to keep the paint looking new. Dust and cobwebs tend to form on the seams, trim, and corners of walls if left unbothered. Simply dusting interiors once or twice a month will help freshen up the room. Walls should also be scrubbed with a proper cleaning solution and water every so often. Be sure to read the label on the solution before cleaning the walls to make sure that it won’t strip away any paint.

Pressure Wash Once a Year and Before Applying New Coat of Exterior Paint

As mentioned above, home exteriors require more maintenance than interiors due to weather conditions and sunlight. The environmental factors can cause paint to fade, chip, and bubble over time. Moisture can also cause mold and mildew to form on a home. By pressure or power washing a home once or twice a year, you can get rid of any bacteria that may be forming on the outside. This will keep your home safer and looking fresh.

Before applying a new coat of exterior paint, it’s also a good idea to thoroughly pressure wash the exterior. Cleaning your home and letting it dry will help the new coat of paint stick to the surface. This increases the longevity of the paint job, making maintenance easier and increasing the amount of time before you’ll need a new coat of paint. For these reasons, Anderson Painting contractors always pressure wash a home before painting it.

Maintain With Minor Touch Ups

Sometimes only a small area or two of a home needs freshening up or fixing. This could be a small area of chipping paint outside or a hole in the drywall inside. It’s best to address these minor concerns when they occur to keep your home looking great and to prevent larger problems before they our. By touching up a small area of an interior or exterior, you can virtually lengthen the lifespan of the existing paint job and avoid having to paint over the entire surface for now.

Don’t Just Stain – Seal

For homeowners with a deck or porch, maintaining these features is just as important. Deck stain helps protect the wood against harmful rays from the sun, but moisture can still cause damage. This is why sealing your deck is an important step toward increasing the lifespan of both the wood itself and the stain applied to it. Sealants serve to keep moisture away from the wood, protecting it from rot and fungal growth. Many Raleigh house painters are also capable of applying both stain and seal to wooden surfaces.

Get Advice From the Pros

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your home’s paint jobs looking fresh, consult a professional Raleigh house painting company like Anderson Painting. We don’t just specialize in residential and commercial painting, but home repairs as well, including drywall, carpentry, siding installation, and more. To learn more about us, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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