How Commercial Flooring Contractors Prepare Your Space for Work

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You might not think about it much, but your floors are an important part of your business, no matter what industry you’re in. More specifically, industrial and garage floors must withstand a lot of weight and traffic each day. Over time, all of this action can wear down your concrete floors, which won’t just hurt your brand image, but can become a safety hazard as well.

If your floors are fracturing, it’s time to hire commercial flooring contractors. Knowing exactly what these professionals do will help you choose the right contractor. Let’s go over how commercial flooring contractors prepare your space for work.

Get to Know the Space

Every facility and floor is different, so a contractor’s first duty is to examine your space. This initial walkthrough serves several purposes. First, it gives them a chance to get to know you and your business. As the flooring contractor checks out your business, they can look at the existing floor, take note of color schemes, ask you questions related to your floors, and so on. The more they know, the more prepared they will be. Together, you can discuss what types of paint or floor coating to use (such as polyurea), the right colors, textures, and more.

Clear Out the Space

It might sound obvious, but your floor must be completely clear of other objects before work can begin. The best flooring contractors will take care of most of this for you, lifting and removing heavier objects from the space. With everything out of the way, your contractor can get a better view of every crack and hole in your floor, and start making further preparations.

Make Accurate Measurements

In order to obtain the correct amount of commercial floor paint (and other materials), your flooring professional must know exactly how much space needs to get covered. This is only possible by making precise measurements. For the most part, contractors will use a reliable tape measure and double check to ensure the right calculations.

Fill In the Cracks

When sealing a garage floor or concrete floor in general, it’s crucial that the existing floor be as smooth as possible so the new coat can properly adhere. The first step in achieving this is to fill in any cracks with a concrete crack-filler. Once everything has been properly filled, the material must be left to dry.

Clean and Buff the Surface

After the newly filled floor is completely dry, your contractor will then clean and buff the surface for an even smoother finish. Some pros will use a powerful floor grinder to remove any oil, dust, and dirt that’s been soaked in or caked onto the floor. After this, they will vacuum and/or sweep the remaining particles.

Get to Work

Believe it or not, all of the above only constitutes the prep work involved for garage floor sealing and/or commercial floor painting more broadly. Once the old floor is filled, cleaned, and buffed until smooth, the “real” work can begin, and your contractors will start the actual painting or sealing process to bring your floor back to its former glory.

Want to Know More?

Commercial flooring is a multi-faceted trade. Anderson Painting contractors have experience painting and sealing all kinds of floors, both commercial and residential. If you want to know more about our flooring process and all our other services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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