How Can I Make My Half-Finished Basement More Useful?

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Newly renovated basement

We’ve previously discussed the many benefits of a fully finished basement -- you can turn these spaces into apartments, entertainment centers, offices, and more. However, a complete basement remodel doesn’t come cheap. Even if the long-term value of such a project outweighs the short-term costs, those initial expenses can be difficult to swallow. The good news is that you can still make plenty of use out of a basement that’s partially finished. Rather than let this area go to waste, here are some ways to make your half-finished basement more useful and beautiful.

How to Utilize Basement Space

Designate an Area for Storage

Unfinished basements are often used for storage purposes. If your basement is only half-finished, why not continue using the unfinished half for storage? In order to better separate these portions of your basement, consider erecting temporary walls built from a cheap material such as oriented strand board (OSB). Doing so will allow you to keep your basement mostly as it is while still “walling off” a section designated for, say, basement coat storage or anything else. You can impose these low-cost walls to divide other spaces, too, such as your laundry area, living space, bathroom, etc. (if applicable).

Wield the Power of Paint

Interior painting is a necessary step for finishing a basement, but it’s also a worthwhile task for improving partially-finished basements. Introducing light colors (white, for instance) can quickly brighten up your basement and make it feel more spacious. Even if your basement’s ceiling is exposed, painting the surfaces you can reach will make the entire room feel more cohesive without the need for a major renovation. Simply put, a freshly painted basement helps serve as the foundation for a complete space in your home, regardless of what else you do to this area.

Install an Extra Bathroom

You might not use your basement for much in its current state. If you’re not sure what to do with this space, building a bathroom down there is one of the better first steps to take. Every home could benefit from an additional bathroom, after all, even if it's relatively small. Plus, if you already have laundry equipment in your basement, a plumbing professional can more easily set up such an installation.

Create a Small Home Office or Workshop

You might not plan on using your basement for entertaining or anything like that, at least not in the near future. If there’s space available, however, you might find it worthwhile to build a home office or workshop in your half-finished basement to spend short bursts of time during the day. This way, you can provide yourself with additional workspace without taking anything away from the rest of your home. Instead of replacing your guest bedroom with a home office, build your home office in your partially-finished basement.

Re-Do Your Basement Floors

This piece of advice applies to every previous one. No matter how you plan on using your basement in the short- or long-term, it will benefit from fresh, sturdy flooring. An unprotected, worn down concrete basement floor is vulnerable to any number of threats, including moisture, impact, and thermal shock. If things get bad enough, your half-finished basement will become less and less useful by default. Regardless of your specific plans, consider cleaning, repairing, and sealing your basement floors. There are various basement floor coating options, including epoxy, polyurea, and urethane cement. At Anderson Painting, we recommend and specialize in Penntek polyurea floor coatings for both residential and commercial applications. These coatings are highly durable, slip-resistant, visually versatile, and more. Once your basement is outfitted with quality floor coatings such as these, you can feel confident in whatever you do to your half-finished basement.

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