How Apartments Can Attract Future Tenants with These Painting Tips

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Property owners have endured a whirlwind over the past year and a half. With so much uncertainty still on the horizon, landlords, owners, and managers must continue to invest in their properties to keep future tenants interested. No one knows what the future holds, but people will always need a place to live, and you want your property to cut through the competition. Here are some painting tips to consider for your apartment to attract more tenants down the road.

How to Attract Tenants with Apartment Painting

Paint Your Property Periodically

Depending on where you live, the paint you use, and how well you care for your property, your apartment’s exterior paint job can hold up for a long time -- and unless you endure some unruly tenants, the same goes for your apartment’s interior paint job. That said, updating your apartment’s coatings every few years is a good idea if you wish to continue reeling in potential tenants. Staying on top of residential exterior painting in particular will boost your building’s curb appeal, which is a major determinant in setting rental prices and securing new tenants.

Pay Attention to Current Color Trends

There’s more to painting your property than protecting its surfaces and retaining a fresh appearance. The colors you choose for your apartment building can have a major impact on your property’s ongoing allure. Simply put, some exterior paint colors are more eye-catching and appealing than others -- the tricky part of this equation is that tastes and trends shift over time. The styles that won over tenants 5-10 years ago might not hold the same sway today. As such, it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of modern color trends, both for the outside and inside of your apartment. The more you tap into what’s trending, the more appealing your apartment will become (at least for the near future).

Keep up with Maintenance and Repairs

A fresh coat of paint and modern colors aren’t enough on their own to keep your property appealing, of course. To maintain high property values and attract future tenants, you must also perform regular maintenance and touch-ups. Indeed, tackling things like siding repair, pressure washing, and caulking is necessary prior to painting anyway. In other words, painting is inextricably linked to a number of other maintenance tasks. If your building could use some exterior trim repair, for instance, it could probably also use some trim painting.

Maintain Modern Interiors

While your apartment building’s exterior is the first thing prospective tenants will see, the most interested candidates will also need to view the insides at some point. You want to make sure your apartment’s interior spaces match or exceed the appeal of its exterior to win tenants over and leave a truly positive impression. It’s a good idea to perform interior painting after a tenant leaves to touch up your walls and/or introduce new color schemes for modern tastes. You can further modernize your apartment’s interior with fresh furnishings, new appliances, updated flooring, and more.

Lighten Your Interior Spaces

If you’re not sure which colors to implement inside your apartment building, you can rely on lighter colors to attract a broad audience. Lighter tones make rooms appear larger, which most tenants will appreciate (darker colors achieve the opposite effect). You can further embellish and visually enlarge your interior’s look with modern lighting, too. Keep in mind that different kinds of lighting will have an effect on the way a given paint color looks. In other words, painting and lighting decisions should be made in concert with one another to achieve the look you’re going for.

Attract More Tenants in Untenable Times

As turbulent as the housing market may be at the moment, painting your property and making other updates remain tried and true ways to attract more tenants and retain your property’s value. The experts at Anderson Painting are happy to give you more advice on these matters and aid in all kinds of renovations.

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