Getting Creative with Ceiling Paint

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When’s the last time you looked up and really paid attention to your ceiling? It’s easy to neglect this overhead surface until there’s a glaring issue, but in truth, your ceiling’s aesthetic affects a room’s overall appearance more than you might realize. A light, white ceiling makes a space feel larger while a darker ceiling creates a more enclosed atmosphere, and a ceiling whose color matches that of the adjacent walls can tie a room together. Indeed, it pays to give your ceilings the same level of creative care as you give to your walls. Here are some ways to get creative with ceiling paint.

Creative Ceiling Paint Jobs

Accent Your Ceiling

We’ve discussed before how accent walls are a growing trend in the realm of interior painting. And while painting a single wall in a given room a contrasting color certainly makes a statement and adds dynamic flavor, the same can be said for taking this approach with your ceiling. Like accent walls, accent ceilings are becoming more popular, and for good reason. Painting your ceiling with a bold color that juxtaposes a room’s walls can flip the script of your space entirely. Think of your ceiling as a fifth wall -- another canvas that you can use to embellish a room’s color scheme and complement its decor.

Try Texturing Your Ceiling

Standard, flat ceilings are modern and sleek but they might like the character you’re craving. While we’ve made clear the importance of popcorn ceiling removal in the past, note that popcorn ceilings aren’t the only texture options to consider for your ceilings. You might consider, for instance, an orange peel texture for your ceiling, which provides a subtle bumpy surface that’s still easy to clean. Or, what about a swirled ceiling? This unique ceiling technique consists of swirling a sponge or special tool in circular patterns through the paint/compound while it’s still wet and malleable. You might also consider skip trowel ceilings, knockdown ceilings, or other textured options to fulfill your creative urges.

Dare to Design

You can also create some visual texture and flair while keeping your ceiling smooth by painting patterns and shapes on your ceiling as opposed to a single color. This is a risky move, of course, and may be too bold for some or simply too difficult to pull off. An experienced Raleigh painting company, however, might be able to produce a beautiful, symmetrical design on your ceiling using precise measuring tools, painter’s tape, and stencils. A brief online search will reveal countless examples of multicolored ceilings with zig-zags, straight lines, geometric patterns, faux painting techniques, and more.

Let Your Lighting Do the Trick

Lastly, you can get creative with your ceiling paint without doing much with your paint at all. Instead, clever lighting setups can significantly transform the way your ceiling looks -- upward lighting, especially. Swirl LED lighting can create twirling patterns on an otherwise basic, flat ceiling; colored lights can quickly turn a white ceiling purple, blue, green, or any other color the lights allow; the possibilities are only limited by the various types of lighting there are.

Putting Your Creative Seal on the Ceiling

When the time comes to overhaul your interior design, don’t set aside your ceiling. Even minor changes in color, texture, and/or lighting can drastically change the way a room looks and feels. Anderson Painting is here to help you get creative with your ceiling paint and tackle your various home improvement projects. Whether you require drywall ceiling repair, interior painting, accent wall applications, popcorn ceiling removal, or more, we have you covered. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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