Emergency Maintenance: What to Do if Storms Damage Your Siding or Woodwork

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Newly repaired siding after a storm

When storms hit your home, siding damage may be a consequence. And you may sustain additional damage to your home exterior woodwork on your decks, railing, or trim.

It’s frustrating, but you are not powerless. Caring professionals are ready to help restore your home after heavy storms.

What to Know About Storm Damaged Siding

How Do Storms Impact Siding and Woodwork?

Siding and woodwork can be damaged by storms in several ways, depending on the weather conditions that caused the damage:

  • Moisture Damage: Moisture damage from heavy rain or snow could cause rotting wood. Moisture intrusion can happen, too. Moisture from snow or rain can seep in through holes and cracks in wood or siding exteriors and compromise interior walls, ceilings, and more.
  • Wind Damage: Wind can remove siding from your home or partially detach your siding. Wind can also cause flying debris to damage your wood finishes or dent your siding. If trees or branches have been felled in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance you may have siding damage as a result.

Even with newer materials on your home, some things are no match for the power of mother nature.

How Can You Spot Damage?

Once the storms have passed, you will likely be able to spot major damages (missing siding or boards, holes or scratches on wood finishes, etc.) by walking around your property to see if you notice anything amiss.

Partial damage, however, is harder to spot and can result in more extensive damage if left neglected for longer.

Storms can also cause damage to your paint job, which can make your home exterior less resistant to damage in future storms if it is not addressed proactively.

Calling a home repair professional is one of the best ways to be sure you’re not missing any damages that could compromise your home exterior down the line.

Should You Repair Siding or Woodwork Yourself?

If you’ve completed home repairs in the past, it’s tempting to do it yourself when you need repair quickly after a storm. However, DIY approaches often miss small, hidden damage to wood and siding (or threats to their structural integrity) that a professional can more reliably spot.

Repairs can also be a safety risk without the right tools, training, and equipment, especially in the days following storms, when debris and environmental conditions make repairs more difficult.

A trustworthy painting and siding company can help you determine what needs fixing without risking slips, falls, or further damage to your home.

Who Should You Call for Repairs?

Home repairs after storm damage don’t have to be stressful. Work with a company who can handle the carpentry and siding repair demands of your repair project.

Anderson Painting values our neighbors’ homes in Raleigh and the Triangle. Our customers trust us to treat their homes like our own. We can repair or replace siding, and make sure your decks and fences stand stronger against wind, rain, and snow.

We also know which paints and primers are most weather-resistant, and our home exterior painting experts will have your home looking good as new in no time.

Don’t settle for DIY. Get your home back to its best without the stress with help from the pros at Anderson Painting. Call us for an estimate today.

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