Durability Tips for Painting Garage Floors

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If you ever feel under pressure, take a moment to think about what your garage floor has to go through. The weight of vehicles and other heavy equipment takes its toll on these floors over the years. Garage floors often get neglected, too, allowing dust, dirt, and oil to seep into the cracks. However, it’s important to take care of your garage floor, for both appearances and safety. You want your vehicles to rest on a smooth surface, after all, and you don’t want anyone tripping or kicking up dirt every time they enter your home through the garage.

You might decide it’s time to renew your garage floor by cleaning, painting, and sealing it. Before you get started, though, you want to take the right steps to maximize your floor’s durability so it holds up for years to come. Here are some durability tips for painting garage floors.

Ready the Floor Beforehand

If you’ve let your garage floor deteriorate, you’ve got some work to do before you can start painting it. First, you’ll want to clean the floor thoroughly. Start by sweeping away any layers of dirt and dust so you can access the floor directly. Then, it’s time to remove any grease and oil stains that have made their way into the floor. You’ll want to use powerful but non-toxic cleaning solution and, if available, a power washer or floor buffer.

Then, fill in any gaps, cracks, and holes using some kind of latex or polyurea crack filler compound. Once all cracks are filled, let the compound fully dry and clean up any spots you might have missed. Taking the time to clean the floor and fill the cracks will allow the paint to better adhere to the surface and hold up longer.

Use the Right Epoxy Paint

Most people will use a garage epoxy paint for their garage floors. But keep in mind that this paint comes in various forms. If it fits into your budget, go for the most durable epoxy floor paint you can find. This will be a high solids or 100% solids epoxy paint, which will yield a thicker, chemical-resistant, highly durable coat than water-based paints.

High solids epoxy floor paint is considered commercial grade, however, which makes it costly. Plus, it is more difficult to install than water-based epoxy, usually requiring professional intervention.

Be Sure to Seal it Properly

If you want your garage floor to last, the more layers, the better. There are plenty of garage floor sealing options out there. Some homeowners keep it simple with their epoxy coating, while others prefer to stack on some additional protection. Anderson Painting contractors utilize the Penntek polyurea garage sealing method for our clients. This process is highly customizable, layered, and sleek in its design. Best of all, we can install the new floor in just one day.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Once you have your brand new, beautiful garage floor, you want to keep it that way. Fortunately, if installed properly, a new epoxy or polyurea garage floor should be easy to clean, thanks to its smooth and moisture-resistant surface. Sweep and mop your floor on a weekly basis, and address spills and other concerns as they occur. As long as you keep up on this maintenance, your garage floor should last you a long time.

Get Help from the Pros

Garage floor sealing may not take long, but installation requires some expertise. If you want the job done right, contact Anderson Painting. We don’t just provide standard residential and commercial painting services. Our team can also paint and seal your garage floor using Penntek technology. To learn more about us and all our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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