Commercial Flooring: How to Select Your Finish

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When it comes time to choose or replace your commercial flooring, you have a lot to consider. Even if you narrow it down to a certain material, you have to choose a color, and possibly a finish. Beyond those considerations, you must also think about maintaining your new floor, and which options best suit your business’ needs. Let’s go over some of the key factors to keep in mind when selecting your commercial flooring and finish.

What Pleases the Eye?

Above all else, your floor must be durable and well-suited for its purposes. That doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t look great, too. The way your floors look will leave an impression on your customers, guests, and employees. If you want to increase productivity and keep your guests coming back, think about which colors and finishes would complement your space the best. Think about your overall color scheme and brand/logo. For concrete floors, polyurea floor coatings are often a good option, as you can choose from several colors and styles, and you’re left with a glossy sheen that makes your space look and feel larger.

Function Fulfillment

Beyond mere aesthetic concerns, however, lie what truly matters. Once again, that’s function. The finish you choose for your floor shouldn’t just look great, but also act accordingly. Commercial floor paint will protect your floors to some degree, but reinforcement is always wise. Polyurea presents a strong alternative to other floor coatings.

Anderson Painting uses Penntek’s polyurea floor coating method to finish commercial floors. This is a multi-layered process that protects your concrete floors at the deepest level from moisture, chemicals, thermal shock, and more. Penntek’s coatings also offer plenty of style options, so your functional floor doesn’t have to lack a fashion sense.

How Much Traffic Does Your Floor See?

Of course, some floors need more protection than others. The amount of pressure and activity your floors receive can help determine the finish you choose for your commercial floor. For instance, if you run a busy commercial kitchen or high-tech laboratory, you’ll want the highest quality finish for your floors. Low-traffic facilities still need durable floors, but perhaps less protection than, say, a large industrial plant.

Cleanliness Considerations

You should perform regular maintenance, such as sweeping and cleaning, to keep your floors sturdy and beautiful, no matter what type of commercial space you own. The more customers and employees you have, the more important this maintenance becomes. You want your floors to always look their best and provide a safe platform for walking. The easier it is to clean your floors, the more time you’ll save, too. So, if cleaning is a daily or weekly priority for your business, choose a finish that’s smooth, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean overall.

Can’t Forget About Cost

Your budget will also play a role in selecting your commercial flooring finish. Some floors and finishes are cheaper than others, though this doesn’t mean you should ignore things like quality and contractor experience. Instead, take stock of what your commercial space needs, as well as what your company can afford to invest in new floors. Are you merely sealing a garage floor, or investing in a new floor entirely? Weigh this information against the highest quality options available for your requirements.

Ask and Hire the Right Contractor

If you still need help selecting your commercial floors and finish, it always makes sense to get some advice from the professionals. Anderson Painting contractors have served various businesses, helping with all their flooring needs. Want to know more about us and our process? Call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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