Choosing Whiteboard Paint in Your Office

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White board painting in Raleigh, North Carolina

Growing up, what kid wasn’t tempted to write and draw on the walls? Some of us might not admit it, but that urge doesn’t necessarily go away as we get older, either. Perhaps this is why dry-erase boards and whiteboard walls have become increasingly popular in offices across industries. Indeed, some businesses have decided to invest in whiteboard paint for certain rooms to transform an entire wall (or several walls) into open canvasses for brainstorming, note-taking, team-building, artistic expression, and more. Perhaps you’re thinking of doing the same. If so, let’s explore how to go about choosing whiteboard paint for your office.

What to Know About Whiteboard Paint

Why Whiteboard Paint?

Before digging into the details, let’s briefly explore the benefits of installing whiteboard walls in your office in the first place. Designating such a vast surface for employees to write and draw on and giving them the green light to do so has a way of opening people up. There’s something exhilarating about scribbling on the walls, especially as an adult in the workplace. This energy can bring teams together and encourage the sharing of diverse points of view. Additionally, the dynamic, visual aspect of whiteboard walls helps boost employee participation and problem-solving capabilities. And beyond brainstorming and other work-related functions, whiteboard paint can be used as a backdrop for stress-reducing activities such as games (hangman or tic-tac-toe, anyone?), humorous notes and doodles, and temporary artwork that increases morale.

Types of Whiteboard Paint to Consider

Clearly, there are many reasons to make whiteboard paint a part of your office culture. Now, you must decide which type of paint to choose for this application. When in doubt, you can ask professional commercial painters about this matter, particularly if they specialize in applying whiteboard paint. If you’re conducting your own research, though, you’ll come across numerous brands that offer their own versions of whiteboard paint. Popular examples include:

  • Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint
  • ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint
  • Krylon Dry-Erase Spray Paint
  • IdeaPaint Pro Series Whiteboard Paint
  • Writey Board Hi-Gloss Dry Erase Paint
  • ...and more

While all of these options will yield a durable surface meant for dry-erase markers, they differ in terms of gloss/glare, odor, dry times, necessary number of coats, cost, application method (i.e. spray vs. roll or brush), and so on.

Choosing the Best Whiteboard Paint for Your Office

So, which whiteboard paint is best for your office? That answer will depend on your interior painting preferences and needs related to the factor mentioned above. For instance, if your business is on a strict budget and schedule, you might go with a cheaper and less time-consuming option like Rust-Oleum’s Dry Erase Paint; if time and money are not of the essence, though, you might go with the higher-end IdeaPaint Pro Series, which isn’t ready to use until about a week after application and costs more than most of its counterparts; if you’re trying to reduce the amount of glare in your office, you might stick with a less glossy option like ReMARKable’s whiteboard paint. It’s important to explore the pros and cons of these various options and weigh them against your needs before making the final call.

A Clean Slate for Your Office

Whiteboard paint might sound unconventional, but it’s becoming more and more common in workplaces around the world, and for good reason. If your company culture could use a fresh start, morale boost, creative surge, or all of the above, whiteboard paint is worth considering. If you need help navigating the many options out there, reach out to Raleigh painting professionals you trust. At Anderson Painting, our commercial painting solutions have helped countless North Carolina companies improve their operations, reputations, and culture. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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