Best Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors: Embrace the Charm of Your Home

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Whether or not you live on a farm, rural trimmings have a rustic, nostalgic appeal. It’s no wonder, then, that the “farmhouse” style remains a popular interior design choice for homeowners everywhere. Like any other genre, farmhouse interiors don’t abide by any single set of colors – rather, this design choice is characterized by neutral shades and occasional pops of color alongside worn textures and classic decor. There’s certainly plenty of room to maneuver within this broad category, so a little help can go a long way when looking for the right color options.

Here are some of our picks for the best farmhouse interior paint colors to choose from in 2022. The colors mentioned here are all from Sherwin Williams, Anderson Painting’s paint brand of choice.

Best Farmhouse Interior Paint Colors to Choose in 2022

Alabaster SW 7008

If you’re looking for a white tone that’s a bit softer and warmer than its “pure” counterparts, Alabaster fits the bill. With subtle pale green and light cream undertones, Alabaster sets the perfect stage for other farmhouse interior paint colors (especially warm tones) and works well on plaster and shiplap walls alike. And when dressed in evening sunlight, this tone takes on an even warmer appeal.

Sticks and Stones SW 7503

A little bit of beige, a little bit of gray – this sums up the look of the aptly named Sticks and Stones color from Sherwin Williams. Those who prefer a slightly darker interior will enjoy this paint color. Sticks and Stones stands in perfect contrast with virtually all shades of white as well as gray-blues and more.

Mindful Gray SW 7016

Sticks and Stones is far from the only greige offered by Sherwin Williams. If you’d rather lighten things up a bit and lean closer toward the gray side of the aisle, Mindful Gray is the pick for your home interior painting project. It doesn’t get much more neutral than this tone, making it the perfect choice for any room in your home, no matter how you wish to color or decorate the rest of it.

Sea Salt SW 6204

Add a little color to your neutral design with Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt. Sea Salt is a blend of gray, green, and blue, resulting in a muted, semi-aquatic tone that works well with whites, beiges, grays, beiges, and more. This choice will brighten up any room without overwhelming the eye.

Arugula SW 6446

If Sea Salt isn’t nearly green enough for you, take the leap into a more saturated hue with Arugula. This color is much more showy than the neutral tones listed above, but it’s a great addition to your interior’s farmhouse feel when applied strategically. You might use Arugula for an accent wall or paint an entire room with this color, balancing it out with white trim and other neutral features.

Waterloo SW 9141

Perhaps you prefer blue over green but still don’t want to go overboard. Consider Waterloo for your residential interior painting project, a slightly dark, muted blue-gray that pops against bright white tones. This option is cozy and tranquil, offering a bit more visual interest than straight-up gray. And if you live by the water, it’s hard to find a better color to fit both the lakehouse and farmhouse styles.

The Charm of Farmhouse Interior Styles

If you’re struggling to select colors for your upcoming interior painting project, clinging to a genre can help narrow your search. Farmhouse palettes might not suit everyone, but they’re popular for a reason. The Sherwin Williams colors mentioned here hold an inherent charm, especially when properly used in concert. There are, of course, countless other colors out there not mentioned here that fit under the farmhouse umbrella. At Anderson Painting, we’re happy to help all our Raleigh, NC, clients find the perfect palettes for their properties – inside and out.

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