6 Home Exterior Paint Colors for a More Modern Look

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There are many ways to give even an older home modern appeal, but changing up its color scheme might be the most powerful. Of course, while you and your guests can appreciate any internal changes you make, updating your home exterior’s appearance sets the tone for a modern home. And if you plan on selling any time soon, picking the right exterior paint colors can maximize your place’s curb appeal and market price. But even if you’re staying put, you might decide it’s finally time to bring your house out of the previous century by hiring Raleigh house painters. Whatever the case may be, here are six home exterior paint colors to achieve a more modern look.

Modern Exterior Paint Colors

1. Off-White

Truth be told, white and off-white have pretty much always been home exterior staples. Still, just because a color hasn’t gone out of style doesn’t mean it can’t have modern appeal. Various white tones remain in high-demand for both fashionable and functional reasons. For one thing, white’s bright characteristics make surfaces appear larger and more open, making a home’s exterior look more expansive. And in terms of function, the reflective nature of white tones helps keep a home cool when temperatures rise and the sun’s rays strike.

The only downside to white paint is that it requires frequent maintenance, as dirt, dust, and debris are more visible on its surface. If you take good care of your home, though, painting it off-white is always a good choice.

2. Taupe

When in doubt, consider neutral colors for your home’s exterior. Taupe, a blend of brown and grey, is a prime example of a modern house color with broad appeal, with beige acting as a close alternative. Many modern color schemes look to nature for inspiration, and taupe resembles the color of wood or stone, providing a cool, welcoming home exterior. If you’re not sure which kind of neutral will work best for your home, your Raleigh painting provider can help.

3. Grey

When we think “modern” we often think “sleek,” and few shades are sleeker than grey. Of course, there are plenty of shades to choose from. Lighter and medium greys tend to be more popular than darker shades, but any type of grey will do. In fact, a darker grey home exterior with white trim creates a strong modern look, as does a lighter grey exterior with black trim.

4. Blue-Grey

Speaking of grey, paint colors that incorporate some grey also make for great modern home choices, blue-greys, in particular. These colors convey the majesty of the sea without overwhelming the eye. Perhaps this is why blue-grey is such a common choice in coastal residential areas.

5. Light Blue

A light blue exterior is another popular choice for coastal homes, though it works for homes in various regions, too. Raleigh house painting contractors can tell you that light blue is a popular choice for modern homes in general, whether donning interior walls or a home’s siding. This color choice is bright and eye-catching but soothing and welcoming, too.

Modernize Your Home’s Outside!

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that people see when passing by or walking up to enter. As such, you should want it to reflect well on your residence overall. Anderson Painting contractors can help you choose the best colors to turn your home into a modern marvel. Not only that, we’ll clean, repair, and paint your home, too.

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