5 Reasons Why You Should Coat Your Garage or Basement Floors

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Concrete floor before a paint coating

In the hierarchy of interior spaces, garages and basements tend to get left at the bottom. Indeed, most home renovations center around the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and/or living room. And yet, despite how underappreciated basements and garages sometimes are, these spaces are some of the most versatile in your entire home. As such, they deserve the same level of attention and care as any other area. And if your garage or basement could use an overhaul, you might want to start with the floors.

Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floors

1. Extend the Lifespan of Your Floors

Even if you don’t currently get much use out of your basement or garage, their floors undergo plenty of stress on a daily basis -- basement floors are vulnerable to moisture intrusion from all sides and must also endure the weight of your home’s foundation; garage floors have to deal with temperature fluctuations, pressure from the weight of vehicles, dust accumulation, and more. These various threats can reduce the longevity of your floors, making them not only an eyesore but also a potential hazard. It goes without saying that repairing a severely deteriorated floor doesn’t come cheap. Coating these floors with epoxy concrete floor paint (or similar types of coatings) will boost your floors’ resistance to moisture, chemicals, impact, thermal shock, and more, extending their lifespan and reducing the need to invest in major repairs.

2. Transform Your Entire Space

Quality floor coatings also have aesthetic benefits. Epoxy paint, for instance, comes in a variety of colors, and Penntek polyurea chip coatings offer several texture options. If your basement or garage is looking drab, you might peruse these different epoxy floor paint colors and imagine how they could transform your space. Simply coating your basement or garage floors can allow you to reimagine the way in which you utilize these rooms. Perhaps you’ll turn your garage into a showroom or make your basement more of a recreational area.

3. Facilitate Floor Cleanliness

Keeping your floors clean is crucial to maintaining your interior spaces and improving air quality. However, bare concrete floors can be a pain to clean, especially if they’re riddled with cracks and holes. Epoxy and polyurea coatings create a smooth, non-porous surface that makes it much easier to sweep and mop your floors. Ultimately, coating your garage and basement floors will save you time and hassle in your maintenance endeavors and allow you to keep your floors looking their best.

4. Step Up Safety

Damaged, dirty floors are a safety hazard. People can easily trip over pits and cracks and slip on dusty, uneven surfaces. Investing in basement and garage floor sealing, then, makes these areas easier and safer to traverse, especially if you opt for slip-resistant concrete floor coatings. Additionally, most floor coatings have reflective properties that increase a room’s visibility so people can see more clearly as they tread upon your floors.

5. Raise Your Home’s Resale Value

Lastly, remember home renovations can boost your home’s market value, sometimes by a significant margin. While coating your garage or basement floors won’t deliver the large return on investment (ROI) that, say, renovating your entire kitchen or bathroom might, these updates can yield up to a 70% ROI while increasing your home’s demand. Keep in mind that many potential buyers will take notice of the condition of your basement and garage, especially if it leaves a strong first impression. If you’re planning on selling your place sometime soon, then, investing in garage and/or basement floor paint is usually a smart investment.

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