5 Living Room Paint Themes Inspired by Fall

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No season is more colorful than Fall, especially in Raleigh, North Carolina. Leaves transform into vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and red. Cranberries, pumpkins, and squash of all pigmentation decorate our plates and fill our bellies all season. The air might turn chilly, but the colors are undoubtedly warm. If you want to celebrate the season by painting your home’s interior, here are five Fall-inspired living room paint themes to consider before hiring Raleigh house painters.

  1. Single Color Rooms

To keep things simple, try painting your living room walls a single main color. Most colors in the red, orange, yellow, and brown family will do. For reds, you can aim for darker, deeper hues like merlot and currant. For orange walls you can veer closer to the brown or yellow ends of the spectrum, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. Clay or amber will darken the room while marigold or honey will brighten it up. For yellows, the more buttery the better. These shades, like butterscotch and gold, will veer towards orange and brown, but still bring light into your home.

Of course, you’ll want to emphasize your living room by painting the trim. The Anderson Painting team can certainly help with this. Dark shades of brown will work well against any red, orange, or yellow shade you choose for the room, like tree branches in a colorful Autumn forest.

  1. Painting a Room Two Colors

Using one main color for your living room certainly holds the room together. But you can add more character by adding just one more color. Painting a room two colors can be done in several ways. Adjacent walls might be painted two different colors, for instance. Or, instead, a single wall might be divided into two distinct colors, perhaps separated by a line, trim, or barrier. No matter how you break up the room, one color should bring out the other.

The colors already mentioned can work well together; for instance, a room with three flaxen walls and a central wall painted blush or brick red. Or, a single wall might display two distinct shades of a single color, such as bronze and honey. The proper contrast of Fall colors will invoke the variation of leaves on a single tree.

  1. Muted Color Palettes

Many Fall colors are bright and highly saturated, but the season can also be quite muted at times. Grey skies, fog, and rain can dampen these natural colors, giving the season another, more moody character.

Muted color palettes also work well in Fall because they emphasize the more vivid elements of Fall, like the colorful food. On these palettes, you’ll come across burnt oranges, olive greens, blush and salmon reds, and macaroon and sepia yellows. If you’re seeking Raleigh painting services, keep these shades in mind, too.

  1. Don’t Forget Greens

We often leave the color green out of the Fall conversation. So many green leaves turn another hue, and we focus more on the fiery tones produced by the season. But green plays a prominent role in Fall. Evergreen trees finally get their chance to stand out in stark contrast to the red, orange, yellow, and dead trees. Uncovered grass loses some of its summer saturation but still remains. Moss makes its mark in forests. And some stubborn, sturdy trees take their time changing, if they change at all. So feel free to incorporate darker, muted greens when painting your living room this Fall. Look for sage, army, olive, pine, pickle, and seaweed green shades.

  1. White Accents Against Neutral Colors

Like green, we don’t often associate white with this colorful season. However, white always works well to bring other colors out and make a room feel bigger by letting more light in. In Fall, white can be used against beiges, reds, and browns. If your home features colorful furniture, paintings, or decorations, the white accents and neutral walls will let these elements pop even more.

Whether you’re thinking of painting your living room this Fall or next year, you certainly have a lot of options. Anderson Painting is here to help you prepare the most festive living room possible in a timely manner. Call us at 919-610-1855 or send us an email at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com for more information and estimates!

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