5 Hot Colorways for Your Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

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When it comes to painting your kitchen, the walls aren’t the only surfaces to think about. Kitchen cabinets tend to take up a hefty amount of real estate as well. Some homeowners might opt to use the same paint color for their kitchen walls and cabinets, which can certainly serve to unify the room. However, the division between walls and cabinets provides an excellent opportunity for painting a room two colors, which can make your kitchen more dynamic.

If your kitchen is due for a visual update and you’re mulling over different color schemes, Anderson Painting contractors can help you find the right scheme for your home. As a starter course, let’s explore 5 hot colorways for your kitchen walls and cabinets.

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

1. Blue and Grey

Blue is currently among the most in-demand interior painting colors, and for good reason. Blue is a naturally calming color and, depending on its value and saturation, can work well with most other colors. Various shades of grey provide a nice balance to blue tones, making this a powerful pair for kitchens where two-tone color schemes are common. While the combinations of blues and greys are nearly endless, we recommend considering muted navy cabinets and light-grey walls for a welcoming, modern kitchen.

2. Off-White and Beige

Though perhaps not the most exciting colorway, the creaminess of off-white and the earthy stability of beige make for an inviting and comfortable kitchen aesthetic, especially when placed under warm, soft lighting. Either color works well on either surface (cabinets or walls, that is), so the way you configure this colorway is a matter of personal preference. If you don’t want to take major risks for your kitchen design, this is a reliable and effective color scheme.

3. Orange and Navy/Grey

For a more eye-catching kitchen, a little bit of orange can go a long way. On its own, orange can be a bit much for the average eye, but when balanced with a darker tone like navy, dark grey, or a combination of the two (see Hale Navy or Blackened Blue), you can achieve a stimulating but relaxing balance. The Raleigh house painters at Anderson Painting recommend looking into orange walls and dark grey/navy cabinets for your kitchen (orange cabinets might be a bit much).

4. Yellow and Mahogany

If you want a sunny kitchen, you’ll want to seriously consider yellow walls. However, keep in mind that yellow is another color that can come off as gaudy when oversaturated and lacking balance. As such, consider a lighter, more muted yellow like daffodil or banana, or an earthier yellow like mustard or medallion. Then, contrast this sunny color with rich, brown cabinets, perhaps with a hint of red, such as cherrywood or mahogany.

5. Red and White

The color red is sometimes said to increase one’s appetite and/or make food more appetizing. If there’s truth to this, then red makes perfect sense inside a kitchen. That said, red is yet another one of those penetrating colors (like orange and yellow) that might overwhelm the eye. If you decide to go with red kitchen walls, balance the interior with white cabinets. You could also reverse this colorway and try white walls with red cabinets, though this choice is a bit bolder considering your cabinets already stick out by virtue of their protrusion.

The five color schemes outlined above are meant to generate some ideas and perhaps narrow your focus as you think about kitchen renovation. Of course, there is much more to cultivating a kitchen colorway than just painting the walls and cabinets -- you must also consider accessories, backsplashes, appliances, floors, ceilings, and more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities, Anderson Painting can help you make the right color calls for your kitchen (and all your interiors).

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