5 Colors We Recommend for Employee Break Rooms

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Freshly painted employee break room in Raleigh

Everyone — even the hardest-working among us — could use a break. Without breaks, productivity across all industries would plummet as employees burned out or walked out. These reprieves allow us to reset our minds, refuel our bodies and socialize for a bit (if we’re so inclined) so we can get on with our days with an improved outlook and sturdy resolve.

Remote work is one thing, but if you manage employees in a physical office space, it’s in your best interest (and theirs) to provide a space well-suited for a proper break. In fact, companies that still house in-person operations are uniquely positioned to provide their people with productivity-boosting breaks. A 2021 survey by Tork® revealed that 91% of employees reported taking the same amount of break time (if not less) while working from home compared to in-person working (prior to the pandemic). By creating a restful break environment in your workplace, you can encourage employees to break better and work harder overall.

Those of us who have been in break rooms that are cramped, dull, or otherwise irritating understand the importance of atmosphere and how it affects our performance. If you want to keep your employees happy and your workplace productive, then you need to consider the look and feel of these spaces.

Here are five employee break room colors we recommend at Anderson Painting:

The Best Break Room Paint Colors

1. Blue to Cool Down

Blue is one of those colors that seems to work in just about any interior. Of course, no matter what room you’re painting, there are so many types of blue to choose from. Darker blues are very calming, so much so they might put employees to sleep. On the other hand, light blues, which are also tranquil, can be somewhat overwhelming to look at for long stretches. So the best bet for your break room might be a muted option that falls somewhere between light and dark.

2. Grey to Reflect

If overused, grey can undoubtedly be draining and dull. However, these neutral shades can also be the perfect antidote to the chaos and stimulation of the workday. In other words, a grey break room can help employees take a breather and process the first part of their day so they’re ready to get back out there when the time comes. If you’re worried about there being too much grey, offset it with accented features and/or by painting a room two colors instead of one.

3. Orange to Re-energize

While grey break rooms might be great for escaping hectic work settings, less exciting workplaces might warrant a more vibrant, uplifting break room. If so, orange might be the way to go. This color is naturally energizing, which can help employees keep their blood flowing when things get slow. Of course, just as too much grey can get dull, too much orange can be overpowering, so your Raleigh painting team might recommend that you incorporate these shades in small doses.

4. Beige for Balance

Like blue, beige shades tend to fit in just about anywhere. Beige strikes a nice balance between the clean emptiness of white and the dark richness of brown. And a break room should be a balanced place after all; where employees can spend some time alone if they’d like, or catch up with coworkers. A beige break room facilitates all of these activities without getting in the way. In a word, this color choice is comforting.

5. Green to Refresh

The color of life and abundance, green is another good option for a break room because it can inspire employees and help them recharge their batteries. Just be mindful of the shade of green you choose. If you go too bright and too saturated, your room might irritate your employees rather than refresh them. On the other hand, super dark greens can make a room feel small and sleepy. So, much like choosing the right shade of blue, lean towards more muted greens that fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Lighting Matters, Too

The five colors outlined above should help you get started as you consider how to reconfigure your employee break rooms. But keep in mind that paint color isn’t the only factor in determining a room’s atmosphere. The lighting you choose, as well as the paint’s sheen, will also affect how your break room looks and feels in the end. Generally speaking, you want to avoid harsh lighting and opt for something a bit warmer without getting too dim. If you’re not sure how lighting will affect your paint colors or vice versa, Anderson Painting contractors can help you find the right configuration.

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