3 Signs Your Carport Could Benefit from a Garage Floor Seal

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Solar panel outside of a garage floor sealing

A garage certainly comes in handy in a number of ways, especially when it comes to protecting your vehicle(s) from the elements. That said, parking inside a garage isn’t the only way to prevent rain, snow, sunshine, and bird droppings from gracing the top of your car or truck. If your home doesn’t include a garage or you prefer to use your garage for other purposes, you can provide your vehicles with partial shelter by installing a carport. These roofed outdoor corrals might not be insulated like garages, but they do keep your vehicles in the shade while protecting them from aerial threats. And like garage floors, the area underneath your carport’s awning requires regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that your vehicle can rest safe and sound on a sturdy foundation. While garage floor sealing might not seem necessary for your carport floor, coating this area can prolong the usefulness of your carport, keep your vehicles in good shape, and increase your home’s resale value to boot.

How to Tell it Is Time for Garage Floor Sealing

1. Your Parked Vehicle Looks Lopsided

One benefit of having a carport is that your vehicle is much more visible than it would be parked inside a garage. As you admire your car, truck, motorcycle, etc. underneath the awning, though, you might notice that it isn’t sitting as straight as it should. Unless your eyes deceive you, this image points to an uneven surface beneath your carport. Letting your vehicle rest in such a manner for too long can damage its tires and lead to other avoidable issues. So, if your machine seems crooked, move it out of the carport and examine the floor. You might find that part of the foundation has sunk or protruded, and/or that there are holes and fractures where one or more of your tires typically sit. Whatever the case may be, properly applying outdoor concrete epoxy paint to your carport’s flooring will allow you to create a level surface and boost your floor’s durability to prevent further problems.

2. Your Entire Concrete Driveway Requires Attention

Most carports are merely extensions of the driveway. In other words, the area beneath the carport is often the same color, material, and elevation as the rest of the driveway. If your concrete driveway as a whole is falling apart in various places, there’s a good chance the concrete underneath your carport isn’t far behind (it may be in a similar state of disrepair. Rather than merely sealing your carport floor, then, it might be wise to apply concrete floor paint to your entire driveway. Doing so can enhance your home’s curb appeal and provide a smoother, sturdier surface for your vehicle to glide along as you navigate to the carport.

3. Your Carport Floor Is Stained and/or Discolored

Even if your carport’s flooring is in decent shape, it can still benefit from a garage floor seal. This is especially the case if you’re not happy with the floor’s appearance -- because the area underneath your carport is safe from the sun, it might gradually take on a different color than the rest of your driveway (which is regularly bombarded by sunlight). Plus, your vehicle(s) might leak certain fluids that stain your carport floor. All of this amounts to a discolored carport floor that stands out from the rest of your driveway (and not in a good way). To amend this issue, you might look into various garage floor sealing options to create a more intentional visual separation between your carport and driveway (i.e. coloring the floor, adding vinyl chips or flakes, etc.).

Carports are unique and useful additions to any home. Make sure you treat this feature with the respect it deserves by protecting its foundation. If you’re thinking about sealing your carport floor, Anderson Painting is here to help. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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